Tuesday, July 09, 2013


 July has hit Kansas City with a vengeance. Today's high is 97 with a heat index of 103 - though I will take that over 20 degrees and 2 feet of snow any day!

This week we started Eating Clean. We are going with that whole 80/20 theory. 80% of the time we will be eating clean and 20% we can splurge.

Last night I made a Chicken Chop Salad that was awesome. I was hesitant going in because there are sweet potatoes in it. I am not a huge fan - though I will say its probably because growing up I though they only came out of cans, were baked to an inch of their life and had marshmallows burnt on top of them ;-)

Everything in that is clean, even the dressing which I made from scratch. It was even better this afternoon for lunch at work. 
Tonight we are doing Cheese Ravioli in a bell pepper sauce.

In the last 2 week both D and I got new phones after ours gave up the good fight and begged to be retired. Since then we have both had voicemail issues which no one can figure out. D's off today so he is headed into the store to see if he can figure out whats what. I will say thankfully mine are still coming to the phone. My visual voicemail just won't work. D's voicemail is so broken that he gets a message that his box doesn't even exist.

I have a random bruise that showed up on the top of my hand, no earthly clue what I banged into I just know its sore as hell.

This song is stuck in my head - has been for 3 days now.. I'm still trying to get past the fact Alan Thicke is his dad....

Looking forward to hitting the gym after work tonight... 

How is your Tuesday??? 

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  1. I like a little salad with my cheese too. ;)

    1. LMAO!!! Noticed that huh?


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