Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Where did Summer go??

WOW long time no blog. Sorry things really are insane right now. We are super swamped at the office and I also have a TON of things going on in my personal life at the moment and there isn't a slow down in sight for months. I'm a little bummed that I pretty much have missed summer. Summer is my hands down favorite time of the year.

I love warmer weather, longer days, shorts and flip flops. Hot dogs on the grill, laid back weekend nights hanging with friends in the drive way laughing and talking until 1 am.   Spur of the moment cook outs - in short memories made.

Fall just seems busier with everyone trying to get things done before winter sets in. School starts, schedules kick in, people start thinking/stressing over holidays and getting it all done before the bad weather hits and stays. Before you know it your snowed in, freezing and everything is grey and slushy.

I plan to enjoy what is left of Summer and hang on to the warmth as long as possible before the harsh reality of snow boots, sleet, sub zero temps and a cranky KayLynn season starts.

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