Thursday, August 22, 2013

The problem with ........

Being the strong one, the capable one is that everyone seeks you out - constantly - relentlessly... Which is fine until the strong one feels overwhelmed yet smiles and keeps plugging along... While people keep asking for favors taking pieces over and over and not really giving back.

People don't get why you are hesitant when you pick up the phone or do not answer at all. Never stop to think that every time they call its simply because they want/need something from you. Its never "Hi how are you?" its always "Hi, what are you doing? I need ______". So you start to cautiously answer the phone from then on and you get accused of being short tempered or snotty. *SIGH*

I'm not really short tempered or snotty, I'm tired I am drained.  I am on the go from sun up to way past sun down trying to keep it all going.  I have 2 households to keep going, a 50 - 60 hour a week career that I love and yes I am blessed when so many people are out of work and can't find anything at all. I get it I truly do, but do you get it?

Did it ever occur to you to stop instead of asking for the 11 millionth favor or starting a sentence with only you can do this or you are so good at this so I am calling you - to say Hi, is there anything I can do for you??

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