Monday, August 12, 2013

And it's Monday .... again

Monday ... kinda like the drunk Uncle who always shows up to the 4th of July bash for the free beer...

I didn't really take pictures over the weekend, I was more into being in the moment than taking pictures of it..  Saturday I went with my sister in law to help her pick a laptop. Her's had died a quiet death Friday. We did lunch then hit the local Geek temple Microcenter... LOVE LOVE that place..

Sunday D and I went and signed another 18 month lease on our apartment - we thought about moving for about 2 seconds - yes I would like to move, ideally I want a townhouse but at the moment I am way to busy to search then pack and move and finally unpack, besides I am currently 5 blocks from my mom and due to her health I am not wanting to go far - so for 18 months we are staying put.

We also cleaned house and discussed some redecorating we want to do in the next few months. I have a bunch of clothing that needs to hit the Goodwill donation box, there is probably more in my closet and dresser that I should part with but haven't been able to toss just yet - maybe soon.

I did find the BEST time to go to Ross - Sunday evening about 8 pm. They are open until 9:30 but because its Sunday night - there is no one in the store - SCORE.  Downside right now is everything has been picked over BAD due to the Grand Opening and back to school shopping. I did find a beyond awesome pair of Calvin Klien dress slacks that did come home with me!

Piece by piece I am replacing my wardrobe - I'm having a heck of a time finding things I like.  Apparently ankle pants are in, but due to my height I look freaking ridiculous in them. I don't care what style they are or color I just look like I am making due with a pair of pants a hair to short.. In the next week or so  I'll try my luck at JC Penney's..

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