Monday, September 24, 2012

What to read after 50 Shades... and other stuff

I just finished both Seduction & Snacks and book 2 Futures & Frosting By Tara Sivec LOVED them both. Some parts of them had me laughing so hard my sides are aching. Shes got a sailors mouth as do I and when stressed says whatever comes to mind. Gavin (the 4 year old son in the book) seriously cracks me up, he says all the inappropriate things in 4 year old speak and will take on Drew (his father's best friend) in all seriousness, I do adore the fact that Drew talks to him just as he would a peer who pulls the same stuff.

Check the books out   Seduction & Snack and book 2 Futures & Frosting

Now I have to find something else to read. That is the issue with really good books, you want them to last and last and when you hit the end you feel sorta of bummed and it takes a while to find something that holds your interest.

What have y'all been reading out there that you enjoy?

Tomorrow is my Ortho appt so I can see whats going on with the knee - I am hoping to be allowed to go back to working out. I have been a titch restless (hmm who'd have ever thought that would happen) and getting stressed a lot easier without having an outlet. I need to be cleared to do something - even if its just ab work on a mat.

Friday the Hubs and I had a date night at an Italian place where everything is homemade - I do believe I ate  my weight in pasta and tirmesu  which I could happily eat and entire pan of on a daily basis and call it a day.

Saturday I puttered around the house and watched lil man and the Hubs went to my sister in law's and chilled.  Sunday was errand day and I found a new outfit at Kohl's. Tonight I am headed to the nail salon then the couch to relax and see whats on the TV.

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