Friday, September 14, 2012

And the weekend is here and I am random today..

Its the 10K weekend.. Going to pick up my packet tomorrow - race is early Sunday morning.  Went last night and got a new hair style of sorts - we changed up the color and tamed the bob back down (that sounded way dirty lol) I was wearing the back messy and slightly spiked so that's what she calmed down.   She added the red back into my hair - for the longest time we just highlighted.

I'm tuning in satellite radio here - Sirrus anyone?? 

The back is red as well at the bottom - I just don't like the picture where the back shows LOL - I do love that where the blonde goes into the red it looks pink! 

I need to update my measurements this weekend - I'm debating on if I should do that on Monday or Sat. Its been 6 weeks since I took them so its time. 

Fall hit - boo hiss I am a summer girl I love the warmer weather and less layers my favorite shirt is a ribbed tank with cutoff shorts and flip flops..  yeah yeah sweaters and boots I get it - I just don't want it! 

After Sunday I am starting the Ripped in 30 on the days I don't have baby duty - on the days I do the Hubs can hang with lil man for an hour while I hit the treadmill.

Speaking of lil man - holy hell he is going to be 4 months soon -( next Friday actually, so I'll have to get a new pic of him up) ... WTF - I'm not sure where the time went - I swear it moves faster with grandbabies than it does your kids. 

Told you I was completely random today my brain went into ADD mode this morning at 6:20 am and has been on overtime ever since.

And this is post #99! Have a great weekend..  


  1. Love the new hair! And speaking of random, I nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award." You have to tell us 7 random things about yourself. Details are on my blog! =)

  2. Love your hair! I need to go back and get mine fixed up.


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