Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Sunday's race..

Sorry its late - Monday my post was on the Versatile Blogger Award (which still rocks my socks off Thanks Jenn!!!) So here is the run down now..

Everything started off just fine we were walking a good pace - I had my over the counter knee brace on and was optimistic.  Mile 1 went great! Somewhere half in mile 2 I started to have issues - the knee kept slipping and I would slow down and stretch it back into place, about the 3rd time I did this (about mile 3) I started to hear and feel clicking, not just the normal grinding but a click that reminded me of opening my high school locker..

I'm at this point thinking well shit I'm in the middle of this how the hell do I make it 3 miles more miles when I am now limping at a moderate pace. I stopped for a few seconds and braced on a telephone pole at the intersection and attempted to stretch it out again - this time no dice I took one step and about face planted.  The office blocking traffic at the intersection managed to see that and directed me to turn right and head up the bridge which would drop me at mile 5 then I could limp the last mile plus over the finish line..

So that's what I did and I limped right over to the sports medicine tent and had the sports Dr look it over - his best conclusion - torn meniscus. The urgent care clinic I went to after said the same. I have an appointment with the Ortho Surgeon next Tuesday for options.

I did get a finishers metal, one of the gals at the finish told me I had more than earned it when I tried to give it back to her since I took a shortcut albeit KC's finest told me to and I was brought up to listen to the boys in blue. She put it on my neck and told me it stays. So its hanging at home with my Glow metal - and I am kinda a little prouder of that one - it seriously was sweat and tears to earn it!

Side note I did get a new fangled knee brace out of the deal as well from urgent care - it makes it worse so its in a bag beside my desk ;-)

A few 10K pics

 Ready to go (lord I look like a freaking giant)

 The hard earned metal 

The knee brace that is banished to the desk

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