Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog link up - a day in the life

Doing Holly's blog link up..

6:15 am the alarm goes off and the snooze button proceeds to get hi until 6:45 - so I think 4 or 5 times... I am NOT a morning person - in the quest to have a real functioning adult life though I no longer work a night shift. (Yes you can find night shift in the corporate world)

6:45am stumble to the bathroom use the potty and step on the scale - if I remembered to grab my glasses as I am falling out of bed (literally ours is up on 7' risers making it hip height for a 5'11 gal) determines on if I can see the display or not.

6:48 am head back to the bedroom and warn the hubs that the light is coming on - he covers his head with the blanket, find an outfit generally jeans, flats and a dressy than a T top.

7:00 am head to the bathroom to brush teeth and put make up on - touch up hair - some days this is totally dry shampoo and a quick pass of the flat iron on any section not behaving

7:10 (yes it really is just 10 mins and yes I do wear a full face of make up) head to the kitchen take vitamins, allergy pills. Prep my protein shake and if I made lunch the night before that from the fridge.

Anywhere between 7:10 and 7:20 head out the door for the drive to work - I pass 3 starbucks on the way to work - If I have left at 7:10 and feel like the calories are worth it that morning I will stop for a Grande Soy Latte

7:30 ish depending on what time I left arrive at the office and head upstairs - toss protein shake in the fridge and go log on my pc - check emails from the night before

8:00am the work day starts - not really going to say much about this because I don't blog about work - I will just say I love my job - I work in the field of IT management.

9 ish am drink my shake

11 ish is lunch and I read the news on the interwebs (I am a news junkie - I read them all CNN, MSANBC, Fox etc I also read the gossip sites) I may blog like I am today.

3 pm afternoon snack - usually a Luna Bar

5pm - day's over workwise - if I don't have errands to run or gandbaby sitting to do I workout in my office and leave at 6

6:30pm at home and starting dinner

7:00 chill for a bit watching tv usually a Criminal Minds, CSI or Big Bang episode - they are always in reruns or something I DVR-ed.

8: 00pm - shower time so I can have time to dry and tame my hair for the next day.

Between 10 and 11 pm is bedtime.



  1. I like an 8pm showernto tame my hair, too! What kind of shakes do you drink in the morning? Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. I use the Target brand (Market Pantry) vanilla whey mixed with 8oz of Lacaide milk. I'll either drink that straight or add 2 TBS of PB Chocolate Peanut butter or 1 TBS of Chia seeds..

      The link up was a blast thanks for hosting it!



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