Sunday, May 03, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

How is it Sunday already???

Friday night was hanging with Lil Man. Building train tracks and walls with mega blocks.  Generally just hanging out having a good time .

One of these days I will find another TV stand.. That one just isn't cutting it anymore.. 

Saturday I woke up to my Twitter notifications going off like crazy.. The new Princess of Cambridge was born!!  Yes I had Twitter alerts set - nope not sorry. I grew up in Europe and have been a HUGE fan of the British Royal Family for decades.  Then the announcement was made that the Family would be going home 12 hours after thy checked in and I pulled up the live feed - this was me Saturday - Watching the live feed and a movie on the TV.

I even took the laptop in the bathroom with me to watch while I did my hair and makeup to get ready to hit the Royals game. Nope - still not freaking sorry..

The New Princess..

This is my favorite tribute to the Royal birth yet. The Tower Bridge lit up pink - its so pretty..

It looks like a pretty pink tiara all lit up.. 

Saturday afternnon/evening found us at Kaufman Stadium for The Royals game. It was bobblehead night. Well the first of 4 bobblehead game and we picked up this guy - after a minor snafu

My favorite part of the stadium is the fountains - especially at night..

Sunday is just a chill day relaxing and getting ready for the next week. Sitting back watching movies, an easy dinner of a clean eating chicken chopped salad. Maybe do a load of laundry maybe not. 

How do you spend your Sundays? Relaxed or packing in some last minute weekend activities?? 

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