Monday, May 11, 2015

There I said it.

I don't like Mother's Day - there I said it.  I have actually never admitted this to anyone. Thing is I pretty much dread it every single year. To day I have a strained relationship with my daughter is putting it mildly.  We have since she was a tweens.  One mother's day even ended the day with a physical altercation.

My relationship with my own mother is just as odd. I grew up as the baby and as an only child. I was the surprise baby that came along after my mother was sure she was done having kids. So my sisters were out of the house when I grew up. Thus the only/baby status.  Generally the baby is mom's favorite and my sisters do think that however conversations with my mother generally are centered with how wonderful my sisters are, how much better they treat her than I do and how much more established they are.

What my mom doesn't take into consideration is that she sees my sisters on vacation - I am the only one of her kids who lives in the same town. So yes they spoil her freaking rotten when she is there with them, its vacation behavior. Spa days and evening out to the theater. I am the one here in the day to day writing the checks to cover her medications, groceries and utilities when something goes wrong and there is a snafu that shortens her already fixed income. Sorry I didn't take you to the  Broadway show and the spa mom, I replaced your refrigerator when it shot craps.  A movie at fork and screen will have to do.

Yesterday I saw an overload of the mother's day celebrations all over social media - yeah I know its a highlight reel. I get it. I did wonder though what it was like to have kids that planned those days, that took mom breakfast in bed with a homemade card and a smile. What's it like to have a mom that appreciates that while you may not take her on spa days or cruises you care that she has her meds or that her milk isn't spoiled.

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