Monday, May 25, 2015

Noticing a Trend Here

I have noticed over the past few weeks that my most viewed posts are the controversial ones that I have posted, like my thoughts on Bruce Jenner and Jesus Only Likes Dress Pants followed up by makeup posts and confessionals. Those are also the posts that have generated the most emails. So I will be digging into those types pf posts more often and less "fluff", honestly how many food pictures and weekend review type posts can you do anyway??

My goal with controversial subjects is always to present another view point, or to get a conversation going. I never set out to try to offend anyone.  So I apologize in advance if I offend, I do ask however that if you find yourself offended and cussing at me through your computer to stop and think WHY am I so offended? What nerve did this touch?

I still don't have a "blogging schedule" so to speak. I have discovered that when I try to stick to a regimented blogging schedule I end up with bloggers block and can't find anything blog about or I will try to force the post and its very apparent it was forced. I will still aim for a few posts a week but I am not going to have a set post day like I did before. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing just gives me anxiety. I also noticed that it paved the perfect track for me getting into a rut. Monday weekend review - lets face it most of the time it wasn't worthy of sharing, I like to stay home and chill in sweats. Wednesday is either confessions or wordless - the confessions y'all liked just not every single Wednesday. Friday's ended up being a favorites posts again just more fluff.. Sorry Y'all.

If you have suggestions or questions you can leave me a comment, I try to answer every comment I can unless you are a "no-reply" blogger and then I can't. You can also email me. I am working on a few new things, I have some new products to review, I am also starting to work with Blogging for Books to do book reviews and I am sorting out all my thoughts on the whole Duggar scandal. That one is proving to be a little tricky as my thoughts on what he did are so rigid. I find I have no objectivity.

Give thanks for the day, then go out and get all up in it,

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