Saturday, May 23, 2015

The One Where I Changed My Mind. (Beauty Post)

The One Where I Change My Mind ....

So about a year or so ago I made the statement - ok a few times that I didn't think high end foundations were worth the money or the hype, they were all formulated the same drug store would work just fine and that eye shadows where were to splurge.. .... Did you hear that?? Yes, that is the sound of me eating my own words.

Over the past year I have had issues with my skin that I have never really had. I didn't have major issues as a teenager - guess this is the pay off, wrinkles AND acne, cystic acne at that. Seriously Mother Nature - not funny.  Right around the time I turned 40, my normally "normal" skin - not dry not oily- turned on the freaking oil factory. My makeup didn't stay, everything creased.  Eye primer fixed the eye shadow creasing and then disappearing. I still had issues with my foundation.

Something I pretty much thought I had to just live with. I had started tossing a sponge in my makeup bag and my tube of foundation and reapplying after lunch. I did cycle through a few different types of foundations searching for something truly matte and with staying power it also had to be full coverage. I have just always loved the full makeup look of the old glam Hollywood. I probably get it from my grandmother who was never caught out of the house without full makeup. Her favorite foundation? Old school pan makeup.

Fully fed up with separated flaky and cakey patches by 2 pm I ordered some Amazon Clay Foundation by Tarte and the accompanying brush that beauty bloggers all over said was the best way to apply the foundation to get the best look and coverage. This stuff is BEYOND awesome.  It stays put, it doesn't cake flake or disappear, It stays matte. Something I really want especially in the humid summers of the Midwest.

The clay in the formula is what keeps the foundation matte and on your face. This winter I may have to find something else depending on how the winter here is. However maybe not if my face keeps up the oil slick routine.  I have high hopes that I have found my "holy grail" of foundations.

What do you use? What about it makes it your go to?

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