Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jesus Only Likes Dress Pants

When did we be come a nation of woosies and when did common sense become not so common?  This morning alone I have read several different articles about kids of varied ages being thrown out of prom or sent home from school due to "attire". The latest a young man in North Carolina being ejected from prom for wearing a kilt. His late grandfather's kilt, worn to show respect.

Wearing kilts is not a new event for him, the teen said he has worn kilts to formal events since childhood to celebrate his heritage. The prom he was refused entry to: A Christian alternative prom for home-schooled kids.  As part of their statement they said "we want to keep things about Jesus". Last I checked Jesus was about acceptance.  Prom organizers cited the dress code of young men being in dress pants or tux pants. No jeans, no baggy/saggy pants no shorts.

I have seen the pictures of the young man and his date as they are also online. I see nothing inappropriate about his kilt. It is of proper length, organizers tried to tell him it was to short, hitting slightly below his knees. He wore the proper accompaniments with the kilt and a dress shirt and bow tie. His date was in an sleeveless gown with black converse sneakers and had purple hair.  Her dress was actually more revealing than his kilt.

What I can't understand is how his kilt detracts from Jesus?  Didn't Jesus talk about acceptance and tolerance?  I will say in general I have found "Christians" to be the most judgmental and intolerant of people. Which generally blows my mind how in one breath can you say "Jesus teaches that we should love everyone as we love ourselves, and teach the masses my love and kindness" and in the next say " you are going to hell, the bible says ____ is wrong!" In reality what they want is you to conform to their idea of how you should be. How you should act, and what you should believe. I learned that lesson early on, and its why I am a Buddhist.

Honestly what the world needs is more people who are doing their thing, being kind to each and making a difference for the better, if you want to do that rocking a kilt then rock a kilt. As long as you are not hurting people, kicking puppies and abusing kids I don't give a damn what you wear.

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  1. Gotta say, I'm sorry that you've had such bad experiences with Christians. Sounds like you have had run-ins with "insensitive" (maybe to put it mildly) people. Please don't write off Jesus, who loves you infinitely, because of His human followers. And I'll add here, I think it's great the kid was wearing a kilt to show respect to his heritage - too bad more of us don't remember where we come from!!!

    1. Oh Doll, I didn't write off Jesus, just the organized aspect of religion. Being Buddhist doesn't mean people don't believe in Jesus, but the concept of Monotheism (just being one God) is a concept they don't believe in. The fact Buddha is 500 years older than God is a big reason why. Buddhists still believe in a creator however they do not believe in fear based religion. And yes you are correct I did not have a wonderful experience with so called Christians. I felt it odd to be told one thing then treated another way. I found it off putting to be preached tolerance then treated like a pariah when I became pregnant at 17.
      I do agree ,we all need to remember where we come from. The traditions, the history and the pride in all our backgrounds.

  2. Who cares if he wants to wear a kilt. That's crazy. We have to respect other cultures and backgrounds.

    1. Exactly my thoughts as well! Who cares. He didn't show up in jeans falling off his rear, and a torn t-shirt.


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