Wednesday, May 27, 2015

19 Kids and WHAT? (Possible triggers)

I started this post about half a dozen times and had to walk away I get so angry.

 Apparently sometime in 2002 Josh Duggar was discovered to be molesting a few of his sisters and a non family member. It came to light in 2006 to The Oprah Winfrey show, according to the police report Harpo Studios supplied the Arkansas State Police a copy of the email they received when someone in the community the Duggar's live in found out that Oprah was going to have the Duggars on the show. That email prompted an investigation. According to their own statements Jim Bob and Michelle had known for years.

SAY WHAT?? The family has stated that they sought counseling for Josh and also his victims. In all honestly it appears they sent Josh to a religious counseling camp that is ran by someone who has been accused multiple times of child molestation himself. He also happens to be a friend of the family. They declared Josh "rehabilitated" and sent him home. Those poor girls, I can't imagine having to exist every single day in the same house with my abuser. What message did Jim Bob and Michelle really send their girls?

Between the cover up and the fact Josh was still at home add to the fact their own beliefs that women simply are not of the same value as men how exaggerated is the "its my fault" feeling that ALL victims deal with? Michelle's philosophy of life, which she teaches to her kids is that first and foremost her husbands needs are above all else.  She lives by what she calls the 7 Basic Needs of a Husband. It all boils down to teaching her girls that its 100% their job to keep their man happy - no matter how they feel and their needs are last. I'd bet a dozen donuts that teaching extends to her sons.

Over the past few days a metric shit ton of support has come pouring forth for Josh. Statements from his wife and father in law caused my eye to twitch for 2 days. Anna says during the courting phase Josh sat her and her father down and explained to them what he did. They looked at him and said you asked forgiveness and it was given, its all good lets go get married... WTF Anna?? This man looks at you and says he molested his SISTERS and you are okay with this?? How did your father not look at you and say "Girl what the hell is wrong with you?"

The Governor of the state, Mike Huckabee,  has come out in support - his statement is just as flame worthy. This is just part of his statement  "good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things," and accused those who revealed the allegations of "insensitive bloodthirst," and said Josh Duggar had redeemed himself in living a "responsible and circumspect life as an adult."

This family has made more than one statement that Gay people are destroying the American family values, Michelle has spoken out about having an Anti Discrimination law repealed. They have stated they would disown a child who was gay, but apparently a child sexual predator is fine and dandy with them.  But wait Jim testified in congress that incest and child rape should be punished by death. Yes death. This was AFTER 2002. How was he going to exempt his own son???

With all the support being thrown in Josh's corner, whos supporting the victims? They are the ones who need to hear it. How do they feel with all the "oh he was forgiving" and "yes, it was a horrible thing he did but..." How are they coping? The support and concern is being given to the wrong person here.

To the victims, its NOT okay. Do not forget them when to many are trying to hug Josh, support Josh and make sure Josh is okay. Who gives a damn if Josh is okay? I don't...

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