Monday, February 04, 2013

WOW What a Weekend

I'd call for a mulligan but I'm afraid it would get worse..

Friday night we just chilled at home with a pizza and a Redbox rental and  fixed The Hubs laptop - his browser had been hijacked by a search engine tool bar (nasty ass things).

Saturday evening we went to my sister in laws to chill hang up friends and play video's - was going really well until 10:20 pm when I got a call from my mom saying she had fallen and needed help. I made a 20 minute drive in about 10 minutes. Got home (she was at my house watching lil man) and she had fallen keeping lil man from falling through the gate dividing the kitchen and living room.

Her glass are bent to hell and back - they have cut her face pretty good - she had to have 9 stitches - right by her eye, and her eye is black. Honestly it looks like she went 5 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Sunday I ran mom's car back to her (I had to driver her to the ER in her car, mine sits to low for her) then headed to my office for a few hours of work.  Then just vegged - I'm wore out.  I should have cleaned house but meh - just did not have the energy - I had picked up a little on Saturday so that's just going to have to do - I am positive no elf is going to sneak and do it so it will be waiting for me.

I have not gotten a workout in all weekend - back at it Monday.

How was your weekend??

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