Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!!!


Its been a week - they just seem to get busier and busier...that's a good thing right??

Yesterday I woke up with my shoulder all pissed off and screaming at me ... The muscle from the middle of my back up into my left shoulder was one huge knot, so off to the Chiropractor I went.  It's feeling better but I have to go back this evening and get adjusted again and he has taken me off of upper body work outs for now.. So the treadmill and I are bff's for a week or so. That's ok I have a 5k coming up the end of next month I have to get back into the swing of things again.

So I have stayed off the scale its not an accurate picture of whats going on anyhow.       I did take some more side by side pics to get an idea on where I am at.  I find that is so much more of an accurate gauge than the scale.  I see a few differences, but everyone else has been pointing out things I missed ... like holy cow I have an ass now.... I have never had an ass I was thrilled to see that ... Squats my friends - squats are where the asses are!!

Hello nurse - I have an ass!!!  In the top set of pictures the ones on top were taken Aug of 2011(no ass)  the bottom row Feb 2012 there's the ass!

The last picture was also Feb 2013 - I bought both the color combinations of that top because it was a fricken small - I can't remember the last time a small fit. I generally wear mediums - so I know its just the cut & design but I don't give a damn its a SMALL!! 

The boots are last years find .. yes they are leather and I found them for a whooping $35 - I have worn the hell out of them! 

Can't wait for the weekend and a little slower pace - have a good one y'all!!

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  1. A small! You must be thrilled! That is amazing! Keep up the great work. Hope you get your back/shoulder straighten out and feel better!



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