Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tone 'em Tuesdays

Back at it.. For the past few weeks I have really just been relying on what I do in a normal day - which is generally is walking about a mile for general every day life.  I have still been watching what I eat (ok except last week - that was a regular fat girl in paradise) but haven't been super active.  Last night I hit the treadmill and weights again.  Tonight I have a date with Jillian. I am restarting Ripped in 30 because well its my favorite.

When I went grocery shopping Tuesday nothing but healthy hit the cart and I brought home a ton of veggies. I'll roast those tonight and quick stir fry some lean pork and have a pork and veggie stir fry over brown rice.

Last nights try something new (I get so bored with dinner because its all the SAME day after day) was cheesesteak stuffed green peppers and salad - these were a HUGE hit and will become a regular. I found the recipe on Pinterest and adapted it a tad I used thin cut eye of round steak instead of that processed steakums crap.  A pepper half is only 190 cals.

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