Friday, February 08, 2013

Thanks for the freaky dreams Chantix

I know its one of the side effects but good night nurse these have been some freaky ass dreams..

Night before last I dreamt the Hubs and I were on a cross country road trip and along the way we picked up a baby that had been abandoned. One the places we stopped had been an old high school now converted into half a hotel half a shopping mall with an event space.

I had left our room with the baby and got lost. I ended up on the mall side over by the event space where there was a WWE event going.  I stopped over by a phone and called over the hotel side to my friends room, who jut happened to be Kim Kardashian and asked her to come find me.  She let me know she was busy with her baby - which at that time was her kitten.

I managed to find my way back to my room where I found some strange guy in our room claiming to be the baby's (the one we found along the way) father.  I managed   to get around him and we went out a window - jumped in the car and the Hubs and I took off with the baby.

Thankfully the alarm went off and it was time to get up.

Last night I dreamt that the doctor told me I was pregnant and instantly I started showing.  Then in the middle of a conversation with someone I don't talk to - never really did I sit straight up and ask, "how can I be pregnant I had a hysterectomy - where am I carrying this baby?"

I then jumped up and ran to the store taking every pregnancy test they have and started peeing on them all at once.  They were all positive  I woke up when the alarm went off so I never did find out where I was carrying the baby.

Have no idea what tonight brings... thankfully none have been slasher dreams.

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