Friday, February 01, 2013

Goodbye January ... Hello February

So glad to see January go .. it means we are 1 month closer to Spring!!! I abhor winter. I hate being cold.  For 9 months out of the year I do like where I live. Its a beautiful city. Its the 3 months of winter that make me dream of Belize and relocating.  I'm just not a 4 seasons  person. I like summer and slightly cooler summer :-)

Yes I am aware it could be worse and I could live where it snows more and gets colder - ah hell no I couldn't nor would I.. I'm such a warm weather person that the reason for me to move to an even colder climate would have to be pretty compelling - at this point the only other place I'd consider is back to Colorado Springs - which I have always considered home. Until now its the place I had lived for any length of time.

Don't get me wrong I do like Kansas City - its a beautiful city, its not called the City of Fountains for nothing. We have the most fountains in the city in the US and in the Spring and Summer its nice to walk downtown and check them out.  I like walking out of a store in the evening and feeling the day just starting to slip away the heat dissipating and the sun setting, the smell after a summer rain. You just don't get that with snow.

48 more days to go!!

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