Saturday, November 03, 2012

Lordy what a two weeks its been..

Sorry it has been over two weeks - life happened. We have been super busy and now getting in to the Holiday fury.. (Pictures to follow) Its also 4 am and I can't sleep so here is the way late and long winded update..

Week before last family was in town, my Earnie (my ex), Laura (his wife) and my 3 godsons were here to finally meet Lil Man and visit the fam (they have had a lot of stuff come up and this was the first chance they have had to make the 12 hour drive). Its been a few years since we were all together.

We had a good time catching up and just hanging out - I can't believe how much the godson's have grown - yeah yeah I KNEW they were older but having it in your face is totally different!! LOL.  Friday night Laura Peep and I went to the piano bar and we had a blast - I may have rediscovered my love affair with some absolute and cranberry (goes down smooth LOL).  The piano bar is always a good time.  This hot mama also got hit on by a very drunk very lewd guy in a suit that was there for a bachelor party or something - his lines were pitiful but it was an ego boost never the less..

Saturday we all ventured to the WW1 war museum in town and had an equally good time - My oldest godson and his dad are huge military enthusiasts - which has roots in the fact that all the families on all the sides have HUGE military histories - we all have veterans in the family tree.  We came back home and Laura made us a wonderful dinner of Marsala chicken - The Hubs and I promptly ate all the leftovers the next day for lunch! Laura and I may have done some shopping that weekend as well *wink*

Sunday they had to leave early to start the long ass drive home - it was a short visit but jam packed with fun and laughs. Lil Man also turned 5 months old Sunday

Also the my new wedding set came in (we were waiting on the band) and I am loving it - Thank you Hubs your the BEST - true ROCK STAR..

Last weekend was the gangs annual Halloween party hosted by good friends of ours. I may have continued my vodka love affair that night as well (I am not a lush and rarely drink I just happened to do it 2 weekends in a row.. Hell until this past Saturday The Hubs, and my sister and brother in law and all of our friends have NEVER seen me under the influence -  and Hubs and I have been together almost 12 years)

This past Tuesday (10/30/12) was the Madonna concert - it was an experience in one of my long time faves turning her music in to concept art. Over all I enjoyed it but really wished there were a few more of the early hits. I realize its been 25 years and shes grown artistically and has a new album out - but a true rendition of Like a Virgin would have made my night!!!

Yesterday - Friday I had my knee surgery - its going pretty well - swollen and I have a partial beidadine tan on my left leg and a HUGE bandage and wrap - but all that will go away soon enough and I can get back to getting active!! I am missing working out (whoa did I say that?? Who IS this chick??)

This weekend I plan to rest and attempt to vote early tomorrow - we need to a little grocery shopping but my main plan is to be bff's with the couch and the DVR..

Now for the pictures

 5 Months - we have teeth!

 Grandpa and Lil Man
Lil Man and his Uncles (my Godsons)

 Post surgery - be kind to your knees!!

 Lil Man at Papaws birthday dinner 

 Halloween party - Mad Men theme

Closer to goal!!

Size 10 Rock & Republic Jeans!! HOLLA!!  

New Wedding set - The Hubs is a ROCK STAR.. 

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