Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress update

I'm so close to goal its unreal... I realize now this mean I have to put thoughts into if this is actually my goal or if I want to take it a little further.  I'm not talking anything major just a 5 lb range to flux a little instead of trying to be ridged about it

I haven't been real ridge through this whole journey to begin with. I am not one of those types that deprive themselves of something because its "bad". I see people all the time posting they feel guilty because they had a tootsie roll.. Hell I don't, its a treat - its meant to be consumed once in awhile - what should make you feel bad or guilty is having an entire bag of tootsie rolls in a 15 minute time frame.

My thinking on this is if I am not going to indulge every once in awhile whats the point? Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Lighten up ladies - have the slice of cake, just don't call the whole cake a slice!

a few closer to goal pics - I don't know what it is bout I love the black and white - The bottom pic just wasn't my day - there is something 'off' about it..

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