Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest Fail

Last weekend I attempted a easy cobbler with 3 ingredients and the blogger swore it was AMAZING... yeah whatevs this stuff was uhh well the cat didn't want it and he licks his own butt ok...

Needless to say this has been deleted from my boards.. Here are the pics...

What its SUPPOSED to look like

My "charming" version

Now this is deceptive and really does deserve a punch in the face as it SMELLS divine while its baking.. The taste well do yourself a favor SKIP it.. 2 bags of frozen fruit, 1 cake mix and a can of sprite do NOT a cobbler make. My Southern relatives are planning my demise over this attempted short cut.. 


  1. hhahahaha, I died! I have a lot of fails from pinterest, but its still fun. Ps. DONT ever try to do nails from pinterst...

    1. I do the pinterst nails and have has some pretty good success. The cooking... Not so much!

  2. Thanks for the nail tip - I have several pinned one being water marbling - think I'll just move past that!!

  3. LMAO! Note to self if I see similar recipes :)


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