Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The place where the title goes

Titles are not my specialty - but I do get tired of recycling the same ones so I think I'll just start using odd ones that fit nothing in the post. That will be my "thing" when it comes to the blog. Well other than the attitude LOL!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week - where the hell did the year go?? Soon it will be time for my year in review post. Which I am contemplating in not only doing the Questionnaire RadioViven shared years ago I will toss pictures of this years events as well.

Usually this time of year I panic - not this year, I am almost done with ALL my Christmas shopping and I went simple this year.  I am just a few pounds away from my goal weight.  Life is good and I am as relaxed as I ever get.  I do have a few things on the "do before the end of the year" list but none of it is major.  Mainly I am going to go through closets and donate that shit. My goal for next year is to simplify life and to tone up and keep off the weight.

I am now 2 weeks post op on the knee and its getting better - still stiff and swollen but I am less inclined to carve it off and beat my wonderful Ortho surgeon with it now.  I have progress pics of that and a few other pics at the end.  I have been doing the exercises they send me home doing - I should be more regular at accomplishing them but honestly I forget to stop every hour and flex and extend that leg.  Its a process that takes 6 weeks so 4 to go!

Lil Man turns 6 months old this month (the 21st) and I am just floored by that. It doesn't seem possible - oh hell it doesn't seem possible his Mama is 21 but she is.. He is growing like a weed and we are amazed by him on a daily basis - these days his favorite thing to do is grab his toes then lay on his back holding them while alternating between blowing you raspberries and laughing. Cutest thing ever! (yep I'm biased.... SHUSH!)

Now for the pics!
Knee surgery 

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