Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

YES! Short week this week.. Just have to get through Wednesday and then 4 day weekend!!!

I got my card exchange cards done this weekend... Now this is not your typical holiday card exchange. They are generally snarky cards  so these were perfect.. Yeah I know I have a really fucking warped sense of humor.. I get it - shits still funny...

Yes that is Charles Manson and his soon to be bride...  So remember when you want to strangle your Great Aunt Edna over turkey gravy things could always be soooo much worse..  You could be this man's father in law...

Saturday night D and I actually did make it to see MockingJay Part 1. With us watching Lil Man while his mom works, date night have been creative. Yes we went at 11 pm to see a 2 hour movie.. It was worth it - awesome movie.

Anymore its gotten to where I won't see a movie unless it is playing either at Fork and Screen or Cinema Suites. I love that I can log on to AMC  purchase the tickets - pick the seats and then just go. Since its assigned seating I do nothave to worry about getting there in time for a GOOD seat - which by the way is the last row center section LOL.

Apparently last call is at 11:30 - so right before that our server brought us extra cokes and an extra bag of popcorn to last us until 1 am..

Sunday I got up at 10 and straightened up the house and got ready to meet a friend of mine at noon at Michaels for card making supplies. We then proceeded to sit at the kitchen table for several hours chatting, joking around and laughing our way through making 35 cards each.. While we did that Lil Man sat at the table coloring the Dora coloring book I grabbed while I was at the store..

I was hoping to end the evening with the AMA's and a glass of wine.. I had paperwork and water instead! Here is to a 3 day work week and hoping I get to watch the AMA's I have on DVR sometime during that 4 day weekend!

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