Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey There Friday!!

Holy Crap - Thanksgiving is next week.. This month is just gone. Oddly I am okay with that. I am actually okay with this year being about gone. Sorry 2014 I am so over you. This year has not been a favorite. I'm not saying its been all bad, it hasn't but when it was bad it was really freakin bad.

Christmas is going to be really low key this year. I'm really only buying gifts for the kids. Granted that is so much easier for me to say than to really do. I start to feel guilty or I'll see something that is just perfect for one person then my head will start with "Well if you get ____ something then you HAVE to buy for _____. Can help it, its how I was raised. I also will second guess the hell out of myself and start thinking now matter what I purchase, its not enough.  That also speaks volumes of how I was raised.  I think child really is what you spend your entire life trying to overcome. (Hope Floats).

I'm still plugging away at the family tree - hopefully I will get some time to do that this weekend. I also want to clean out the hall closet and I have some Christmas cards to make for a card exchange. I STILL have no clue what I am making and they have to hit the mail by Monday - so good times! Through some grocery shopping and laundry in there stir add watching my grandbaby and you have a typical weekend in suburbia. I Would love to slip out and see MockingJay but somehow I just don't see that happening..

Favorite moment this week... Lil Man cheesin out in Noni's bed..

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