Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I am so random right now.. My car is in the shop - it started over heating yesterday on my way to work. Seems like every year around the holiday's my car decides it needs attention. Sigh - there went Christmas shopping completely..

I got into a Facebook debate yesterday on the situation in Ferguson. For the first time in my entire life so far I was told "your white privilege" is showing  and called a pretentious bitch.  Okay seriously - I was pointing out the LAW as it is written in Missouri and that's showing my white privilege - ugh.  The person I was debating with made the statement "I can tell you grew up richy".  That's a hell of am assumption to make from a Facebook debate and all you can see is my profile picture and the words I wrote.

Yes, there were times my family had it better than some, there were also times we were dirt poor.  I grew up as a Military child, my father was in law enforcement in the Army. That is where all my traveling as a child came from. Later when my father retired he got bored and became a truck driver - it was the late 80's and early 90's he did well. Then the bottom fell out and bam we struggled again. I was a teen mother who finished high school, married the wrong man, survived domestic violence got divorced and put myself through college.

No one should ever assume based on how someone looks how their life has been or who they are. That goes for EVERYONE. Don't assume that I am a "poor little rich girl" because I am educated, well dressed and what life experiences I had as a child and I won't simply assume your a thug because you like baggy clothing with your pants hanging off your ass.

I will NEVER understand protests that end in looting and setting shit on fire. Who the hell do you think y'all are. The cop your pissed at doesn't own the car dealership you just set on fire. Your damn neighbor does and you just harmed them and their family.

That corner restaurant you broke the windows out of and vandalized is owned by 2 young kids trying to make a go of it and support their young children. How dare you harm them in your anger at the "system". That behavior is thug behavior.  That behavior is what makes the nation think your all criminals.

Please do explain to me how that behavior honors the memory of the young man who has lost his life - that life you are PISSED that is gone.  Tell me how that reaction changes a damn thing. Tell me what positive change that behavior brings about?

You think the law is wrong, you think the office "got away with murder" go organize to bring about changes in the law, go respectfully talk to the people who can help you change it, stop harming your neighbors by setting the local pizza joint on fire!

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