Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday night already

Sunday seems to be the only time I find to update these days.. Sorry about that. I have been super busy at work. I took on more responsibility and have been on the go ever since. I am sure that once I get the hang of the added tasks everything will balance back out. Ok I hope it will balance out LOL.

Honestly that has pretty much been my week.. I get to the office early and leave late. The leaving late part isn't much of a deal except I haven't been eating very well or working out. Once I get home I am pretty much done for and ready to call it bedtime! One night I even asked D if 6:45 was to early to go to sleep. For the record the answer was yes. So last week dinner was a lot of grab something quick, or eat out. Oopsie. I am sure we will get a plan working soon.

Saturday we lounged for awhile then decided to go walk the mall grab lunch and from there head to The Legends to walk Nebraska Furniture Mart. I did find the new couch I want, D isn't so sure about it. The cushions hit him mid back instead of at the shoulders - happens when your 6 foot 6 LOL.  The other issue is that it was a suede leather and my cat has all his claws.... well and we were there to look at dressers not living room furniture lol.

Sunday was more lounging then to the grocery store and a stop over to see the grand baby.. Man he is getting big - its hard to believe he will be 2 soon. Noni needs to figure out what his b-day present will be.

I am looking forward to getting through this week and road tripping to Springfield with a good friend of mine. We are stopping there for a baby shower she needs to attend then headed on into Branson to the Outlet mall to shop Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning then head back home.. Should be a great time and I am hoping to find some new clothes - most of mine no longer fit and I need smaller sizes - good problem to have though right??

Here's to a good week y'all!

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