Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Monday .... 37 Days til Spring

Yep Happy Monday - trying to keep a positive outlook .. Try it, you may find it working...

37 day's til Spring - I will say I hope Mother Nature and Old Man Winter got the memos.. I've been cold and snowed in far to long now. Today is another work from home day since my complex did not bother to remove the 2 inches of fresh snow we got yesterday, hell they didn't even salt. So my low to the ground car tried and tried this morning but would not, cold not get up the small hill. Thankfully I am in a position to work from home. Though I am really now lusting after 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive.

This weekend was fairly quiet just chilling at the house, reading and catching up on the DVR. Sunday we did venture out to get groceries before the the snow dumped again.  Yes it was only 2 inches - but that's on top of the 14 that was already out there and the freezing temps. I did however hear a rumor that soon warmer temps are on the way!! I'm sure D will happy when I am not running the fireplace almost every night. Its a gas fireplace and I am sure when I light it his brain just starts thinking cha ching over and over until its turned off. That and he says it makes him too warm. At least its made it to 11 degrees - its noon but its 11 degrees LOL.

My cough that was left from having the flu is finally subsiding so I am hoping to get back into my workout routine this week.. Why is is so hard to get back into the swing of things when you have been resting for 3 weeks?? I am already sitting here thinking "I don't wanna". I know that it will be easier once I "just do it". I was in a really good pattern until I got sick. I was working out 5 to 6 days a week.. Now to get back to there..

Best pic of the weekend: He rarely gets to chill on my bed...

Have a great Monday Y'all!!

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  1. Only 5 more weeks... we can do it. :)

  2. Either that or I am going to start clearing snow with a flame thrower!!



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