Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So What Wednesday

That is late - that's the story of my life ... day late dollar short whomp whomp.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to have my daughter up to the hospital for surgery .. man I hate morning - I really hate the ass crack of dawn..

That I am a bit sassy and a lot smart assey today..  Apparently the older I get the more prominent that gets.. meh I'd rather be the little old lady when people see her they think shit whats she up to now as opposed to aww what a sweet old lady.

If you don't "get me" you don't have to actually - not everyone will... I may not "get you" either pumpkin.  I'm not every ones cup of tea - I'd rather be a shot of tequila anyhow..

That I am unplugging this weekend - sometimes it get to be to much and you need to shut down, shut off and just be. Life pulls you into way to many directions and just because you CAN be connected to everything all the time doesn't  mean you SHOULD be.. Just like just because the pants zip doesn't mean they FIT ;-)

Some times I think everyone forgets that I spend most of every single day connected to both the internet and social media from 7 am to just about 10 pm. Between work and then my own social activities that's a freaking LOT of time. I get tired, I get worn out then I feel cranky, so I disconnect.. So I plan to do just that for most of this weekend except when I have paperwork to do for a Monday morning meeting..

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