Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You know you are

Tracking calories and what goes into your mouth when at the end of lunch you want to lick the inside of the container because not only was there enchilada sauce in it but CHEESE, real CHEESE.. Ok I may have scraped the sides with my fork a few times - but that's because Amy's Kitchen makes the BEST damn cheese enchiladas you an get for quick easy microwaved meals.. TIP try to wait a few minutes after the microwave is done ... cheese is napalm hot, the roof of your mouth with thank you - not that I know anything about that ;-)

So I found out this morning why the complex wasn't plowed after the latest snow which caused me to have to work from home yesterday .... ready for this shit - cuz I was flat pissed - They didn't want to pay out more over time.. Yep that's IT that's THE list. The maintenance guys were told the main sidewalks and the parking lot for the office ONLY.. So ready to move......

I'm look forward to Saturday as long as the weather forecast holds true its supposed to be 57!! Which is way better than the 12 degrees that it is currently.

This totally cracked me up...

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