Monday, February 17, 2014

Mean Monday - Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was kinda of a slower weekend - we decided to go no where and not do much - fine by me!

Friday night for Valentines Day we ordered dinner to go at Longhorn. I called it in before I left the office and D picked it up after he was off work while I ran to the store for dessert and RedBox. Got home changed into sweats lit the fireplace and settled in for prime rib and The Heat. Good movie by the way.  We had exchanged gifts earlier in the week. We just had a low key evening all around. No 2 hour wait for a table and rushing through dinner, slow service because the servers are all rushed and overly busy.  This was the second year we have done Valentines day and it will probably be our yearly tradition.

Saturday I slept in for a bit then got up and started in on paperwork for the office while D played the play station. I worked for a bit then surfed the internet, got caught up on my groups and blog reads then did a little online shopping for some makeup. Before we really knew it the day was gone - funny how the internet and play station can suck the entire day away. Saturday night we caught up on some show on the DVR.

Sunday was more paperwork, I like to split it up and look it over a few times with fresh eyes. When you sit and look at spreadsheets for hours everything blends, you become crossed eyed and it all looks the same so you miss things. D tossed a roast in the crock pot and did some laundry while I worked.  We caught the 2nd DVD we had rented Friday The Family - another good movie. The ending is a little head turner as you look at the TV sideways and go "huh" but it is a Martin Scorsese film and I find I usually do that at the end of his movies.

Honestly I had things I probably should have gotten out of the house to do I just didn't feel the want to go out. Most of what I wanted to go do I just ordered online instead of dealing with going to the Mall and picking it up. I probably should have gone to the grocery store and gotten this weeks food and necessities. I just didn't have the energy to get up and go do it.  I honestly could have stayed in bed for the weekend and been a happy girl - I have a book that I am half way through and want to finish. A book, an MP3 player, the laptop and I am good to go. the lack of energy and desire to leave the house happens every once in a while - I have noticed it more often in winter, this winter in particular. Generally I have also found it directly relates to my chronic fatigue and stress levels. When I am overly stressed I can't keep the chronic fatigue at bay for long. I need to find a new way to deal with stress and cope.

How was your weekend??

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