Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Harper

5 weeks ago I posted about a drive to help with medical costs for baby Harper who was born premature. As a mom to a preemie they always hold a soft place in my heart.

Harper did so well and grew nicely. His family shared pictures on facebook and we all felt like we were there with his family watching him grow. 3 weeks ago Harper came home and it seemed like everything was going well.  On February 13 his mom posted an update on his progress and let everyone know he was rolling over and the pediatrician was pleased.

Last night she posted that Harper was having breathing issues and that they were headed to the hospital in an ambulance. This mornings post was that Harper passed away last night. I sit typing this broken hearted and in tears. I also am asking once again for help for the family. If you can donate at all to Harper's funeral please do so.  Harper's parents have poured all their time and energy into caring for him, they burned through any vacation time they had while he was at the hospital..

In Memory of Harper

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