Monday, January 13, 2014

Where Did the Weekend Go??

I swear on Friday's at 5 pm the clock speeds up then Monday morning at 7 am it slows back down.. Not that I don't love going to work, I'm just over here thinking where did the time just go?

Friday night I started fighting sleep about 7 pm.I did mange to make it until about 9:30 . Saturday I got up about an hour and half after I usually do for work jumped out of bed and started my workout then went straight into deep cleaning the house.  I even scrubbed walls and baseboards!! Saturday night was date night, we went to out favorite Mexican place to celebrate D's best friends 37th birthday - they have been best buds since kindergarten. I may have been more than slightly buzzed - but I am pleading the 5th on that since I am still recovering from oral surgery - just know that K-Muchos makes a fricken kick ass peach frozen margarita.

I seriously need to get my roots done!

Why do sweaters make you look heavier than you are?

After dinner we went to T & K's and played a new game they bought which is like pictionary on steroids. At the moment I can't recall the name but basically you draw a picture based on the word you draw and then pass the dry erase book to the person on your right who then guess what you drew then they pass it on and the next person then draws what the previous person guessed and it goes on until you get your original book back then the answers/artwork is shared. Telephone for drawing basically. 

Sunday we pretty much chilled. It was awesome weather here - almost 70 so that afternoon we did head to the park and hang out with little man playing on the slides and swings until the poor lil dude walked in front of a swing and got kicked in the nose and mouth by a little girl... He is ok, but wasn't really happy with her! Her sister on the other hand let her have it.. 

He's beyond cute!!! This was actually Thursday evening before the swing incident.

My Bikini Body Mommy challenge is going well - I was thrilled to have a rest day Sunday though let me tell you.. The plan has you working out Monday - Saturday. By Saturday's workout you are trying to talk yourself up off the floor at the end of it!!! Week 1 is done, just 12 more to go!!! Summer bodies are built in the Winter! 

Have a great week Y'all - Make Monday your bitch!!! 

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