Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Polar Vortex Can SUCK it .....

Not even gonna lie - this -10 before the windchill frankly sucks .. its this time of year that I have to try real hard to remember why I like Kansas City. Most of the year I love the city. Every single winter however I can't stand it. I hate the cold, the snow and am pretty much miserable.

I had been contemplating getting a sportier car. The first snow fall of the year hit however and I am now thinking about an SUV. Nothing huge because face it, it is just D and I. Yes, my car needs new tires, (which I will be getting in the next two weeks when my bonus comes in, instead of my tattoo - being a grown up sucks) but its still not the easiest vehicle to deal with in the snow. I don't see us going anywhere South anytime soon, we both have aging parents. So I pretty much think the sports car is out..

I have a follow up at 7:45 for my dental surgery. I am hoping to talk the dentist into taking the mesh off a week early. Its come lose and rubbing on my gum causing my gum to swell back up and its real sore. I am so ready to be over all this. I'd pull it off myself but part of its attached with my stitches.

In other news I am starting a Bikini Body Mommy challenge. In the though process of "Summer bodies are built in the Winter" I am using this to jump start the Summer fitness. Its a 90 day challenge which put it over at the start of Spring.   I am excited to see the results and be in shorts for the Summer!! What are you working on to jump start your Summer fitness??  

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    1. Who would have thought I'd be hoping it would at least reach 20 degrees LOL

  2. I agree about the Polar Vortex and about having to get tires over a tattoo - both can suck it!

  3. I'd much rather have my tat! LOL



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