Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi there Friday!! Random things and Facts...

Three cheers for Friday! I know the other day's of the week get the shaft but whatcha gonna do... Friday is the best day of the 5 day work week.

Today's post is going to be pretty random - yes again... It takes skill to blog like you tweet ;-)

Hey did you know the first Porsche built was electric and that was in 1898, it had 3 hoursepower - It was the P1 and built by Ferdinand Porsche. The P1 has been sitting unseen in storage since 1902 - it has now been unearthed and is headed to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.. Full article if you are so inclined.

The P1

 Groundhog day is coming up - the only thing I have to say is I am sick of being cold..  Anyone know how we ending up with a "Whistle pig" telling us if winter was over or not? Why we celebrate Groundhog day. Yes, whistle pig is appropriate - "Groundhog," "woodchuck" and even "whistle pig" are different names for the same animal — Marmota monax, the largest species of ground squirrel in North America.

There is also a small, slight football game on Sunday - have you heard about it?

I went and bought new T-shirts, I have ordered the Alex and Ani Bronco's bracelet I wanted - it won't be here in time but no worries - I didn't buy it as game swag, I bought it because I wanted it.

Even went and got my "game day" mani...

My biggest problem is figuring out when I get to go to the bathroom - between the games and the cool ass commercials.. Usually I go during the game - but this year my team is playing so I can do that... Half time I guess. Since Ms. Jackson's nipples are always covered  why bother right.. joking calm down and no angry emails :-)

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Okay - even though I'm a Seahawks fan I have to admit those nails are pretty bad a$$!

  2. Thank you Ma'am!!!



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