Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Letters and Funnies

Dear Tom's of Maine: All natural my ass.. WTF is in your deodorant - my skin is now blistered and peeling.. all I wanted to is to find a deodorant with out aluminum free so my white shirts would stop turning yellow. Now I feel like I am part reptile, not to mention the blisters hurt. Pox on you!

 Dear Lauren Tannhill: Who the hell forgets an AR-15 in the back of a rental car?  Dear Judith Flessing, HOW do you not an AR-15 in the backseat of  the aforementioned rental car for 2 whole days? 

Dear Disney Channel: Get better programming  - I was at a friends house earlier this week and her 'tween was watching a show on your channel. The characters were complete smart asses and the way they slam each other for a joke does nothing to promote anti-bullying or respect. Shame on you!  

Dear Mother Nature: 73 days until warm weather, please please stick to the schedule! 

Dear Dolores: I know you used to have my cell number as yours, but lady its been 10 years. I'm tired of taking your collection calls, random people calling for you, strange texts. I will admit to full on belly laughing when the state called today looking for you and the lady who didn't quite believe me when I said I was not you so she launched into the reason why she was calling in an attempt to break me down so I'd admit to her I was in fact Dolores. She got to the part where your license has been suspended and I could not contain the laughter.. 

Hmm maybe that last one belongs down below in the giggles section!  

Now for the stuff that made me giggle! 

(I sent this to my stylist and told her it was time I got an appointment to see her)

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