Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Friday night was a quiet night at home after I went and picked up some cold weather gear for the 5k the next day.

Saturday I wake up to temps in the teens and seriously question my sanity..  But I really wanted the experience  medal... Whats not to want it has Tiara's on it!!  I did finish pretty decent considering it was my first one back from surgery in November  and it was 19 degrees out (it was ok cold my protein bar froze as I was trying to eat it). Official time was 47:33.7 (race was done in waves I started about 13 minutes into the race - but it was chip timed so thats where my official time comes from) I'll take it.

After the race I hit the Starbucks drive through and ordered a 55 gallon drum of Soy Latte then headed home to change so I could run to the mall (got my Mama's birthday present) pick a few things up a CVS and run the Hubs some lunch before the snow storm hit..

Saturday night was a lets stay warm and catch up on the DVR night, plus soreness was starting to set in.

Sunday I woke up to 8 inches of snow... Yeck and HOLY SHIN SPLINTS BAT MAN.. I was expecting them with it being the first race of the season but I stepped out of bed and couldn't decide if I wanted to cuss like a Fleet of Sailors or bawl like a toddler who is told Cheerios are no longer made.

I did manage to vacuum the house late Sunday afternoon - other than that I ate Ibuprofen like tic tacs (it was on my shopping list as "metric shit ton of Ibuprofen"), read my kindle and watched TV.  Hubs shoveled out both cars, ran to the store and made me my fave potato sausage soup.. Thanks baby!!

How was your weekend??

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