Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bye bye 38 .....

Or as I refer to it as the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday wink wink.. Why the hell not my Mawmaw was 29 for 10 years as well, my mother attempted to pull the same fete off and was successful until my older sister handed me a calculator and told me the exact year our mother was born... AFTER I had convinced my oldest sister she was nuts and mom was NOT as old as she thought..

Before you scratch your head at the strange family dynamics here, a little back story I am a late in life baby - my sisters were ALL out of the house when I came along so I was raised as the baby AND and only child. HA explains a metric shit ton in regards to how i got as spoiled as I am doesn't it.. I regress AND fall off topic...

We celebrated last night with the family and some friends - this weekend the Hubs and I are sneaking off by ourselves for awhile to dinner then will probably hang with friends Saturday night.  I am taking Friday off - my company gives your birthday to you as a personal paid holiday - I generally try to roll that into a long weekend.  Sounds like this year is a PRIME week to do as its supposed to be in the 70's on Friday.  I see a pedicure in my future as I just bought new flip flops last night!! Plus it always feels DEVINE to get a pedi.. Just gotta get through 1 more day then HELLO WEEKEND!!

I am not Catholic but I must say its kinda cool to have a new Pope on my bday especially the last one in a decade -

a couple pics from last night ... Does the Hubs know me or what...

OMG Love this smile - I melt! 

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  1. "10th anniversary of my 29th birthday" haha love! Happy Birthday!


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