Thursday, March 14, 2013

Its Ok Thursday

That I broke out the white jeans and white canvas keds early so I could wear my mint green and white cardigan.

That I want to crawl under my desk and nap - and its only 8:45 am  (been woke up early 2 days in a row).

That I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow - bring on 70+ degree weather and pedicures please!

That I bought new flip flops for this summer already.

That I love the links that show what the rich and famous look like BEFORE someone photoshops the shit out of their pictures.

That I have not worked out once this week. Don't get me started on the clusterfuck that has been this week.

That I dropped my first fbomb in a long time on here - hell I do it daily in real life why the hell not here.

That I have SO fricken much to do after all the tech issues this week that I have no clue as where to begin with it. - So I better just begin..

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  1. Day off?! I'm really jealous. I want to see this mint and white cardigan outfit!



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