Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear FB friend I can blame the damn groundhog if I want to - I don't give a damn about meteorological spring. I'm joking and its my wall.. Something you don't like seeing there is an X over there ~~~> hit it hide my posts hide me hide what ever but don't bitch me out because you are tired of seeing it.. again ITS MY DAMN WALL.

Dear well meaning friends - I love you but NO you don't get to scold me like a child because I started smoking again. I am aware I failed I don't need you rubbing my nose in it. Hell I am older than most of you anyhow, so why do you feel you get to talk to me like i'm a precocious child?

Dear weekend thank you for finally getting here - its going to be a busy one but I am hoping to find some downtime .. I feel like a windup toy who never winds down.

Dear Spring, please get here I'm tired of being cold, wet and gloomy. I'd really like to see the sun and get warm.

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