Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pump it up Tues - Link up with

Its a fitness link up with Nicole at  GrubnMarriage - This Tues is fitness tools..

I use My Fitness Pal (MFP) where I log everything that I eat... (ok almost everything). Based on the goals I choose it tells me how much I am supposed to eat everyday.  I have the APP both on my phone and my computer.. Handy dandy lil tool..

I also use the Fitbit One - I love this lil gadget more than anyone should love a fitness gadget - it tracks my steps, how many stairs I have climbed, how active I have been, how I sleep (if I wear it at night) and how many calories I burn.  It also syncs with MFP and I only have to log things 1 time.  The only things I have to manually enter exercise wise are weights and circuit training type activities as the fitbit doesn't pick those up so well.


Circuit training - all of this belongs in the Jillian Michaels category - I have most of her DVD's and practice cussing her regular.

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  1. That fitbit thing looks awesome!!! I'm definitely going to be looking into that :) thanks for linking up :)!

    1. They rock HARD .. The Hubs got me mine for Christmas and I worn it everyday since..


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