Monday, January 28, 2013

Questions I have been asked a lot lately

Q: What workouts do you do?
A: In no particular order: treadmill, yoga, pilates,  the following Jillian Michaels DVD's; - yoga meltdown, Ripped in 30, 30 day shred,  extreme shed and shred. Playing with my grandson and nephew's.

Q: Whats on your workout playlist?
A: HA this question made me realize how trashy/angry my play list is. However those are the songs that get my feet moving so it is what it is, in random order a small sample:

  1.  Play - David Banner
  2. 2 Fingers David Banner
  3. Funhouse P!nk
  4. Crazy Bitch - Buck Cherry 
  5. Breaking Dishes - Rihanna
  6. Blow Me (one last kiss) P!nk
  7. You Outta Know -  Alanis Morissette 
  8. Crutch - Theory of a Deadman
  9. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
  10. Slut Like you P!nk
  11. For your Entertainment - Adam Lambert 
Q: Whats your secret in losing weigh?
A: SHHH don't tell anyone .... there is no secret - I have had the same person ask me the same question more often than I can count - Honestly you have to watch whats going in your mouth and move your feet! That's IT that's THE secret. 

Q: What do you do with your clothes that are now to big?
A: They are sitting in bags to go to Goodwill.

Q: Whens your next 5k?
A: In March, I am participating in the Diva Dash which is the ONLY all women 5k. Its a charity race that benefits girls self esteem programs in the area.

Q: How often do you work out?
A: I aim for 3 or 4 nights a week

Q: Whats your favorite gadget?
A: My Fitbit One

Anything you would like to ask?? Sound off in the comments or shoot me an email.

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