Friday, January 04, 2013

Hello Friday!!

The end of the last short week for awhile, bummer I was loving the day off toward the middle of the week.

Resolutions are going up on blogs everywhere - I normally don't do resolutions because in all honestly by February 1st 75% of the population has abandoned them however I read a post over on Erin's blog Keep Calm & Sparkle that I liked.  I left her a message saying I really needed to get with # 1 & #5 - She emailed me back with a so do it... Challenge accepted - I so love a good challenge. 

#1 Save more and spend less - this will thrill The Hubs to no end!! End of 2012 brought a surgery for me and he ended up in the hospital for 4 days, thankfully we are insured but we have a coinsurance payment, its gotta come from somewhere.  We also have our eye on 2 trips in the next 2 years - 2014 I want to go to Vegas for my birthday and in Spring of 2015 the family is itching to go back to Hawaii - this time we are thinking 10 days. 

#5 Be active more - veg less .. Lets face it time is passing no matter what you do with it, you may as well do something productive.  Now I love trash tv as much as the next gal (the Real House Wives anyone??) but no one needs to watch all of everything that is offered on 500 plus channels all the time.  In order to be kind to your body you need to MOVE your body.  When you are kind to your body, it will in turn be kind to you.  Besides I have the Operation Red Bikini to own! 

Thanks Erin for the kick in the seat !! 


  1. Those are both awesome, good luck!!

  2. I am so bad about wasting time. Life is too short to loaf as much as I do. But, it's a hard thing to pick up ... cheers to both of us doing better with that!

    Happy Weekend!


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