Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Notes From the Universe

I subscribe to a daily email called Notes From the Universe.. I love these more often than not they are little gems that either make you smile or go AH.. this one is form 11/2/12 I read it this morning and both smiled and went AH..

KayLynn, you chose to be who you now are, you came here 
to thrive, the odds always seem steep, the game is rigged in
 your favor, you knew what you were doing, your demons 
aren't real, fear was part of the deal, love is all you need, 
you're never alone, thoughts become things... and you still 
look absolutely amazing in jeans. 

    The Universe

All of the above puts a neat little bow on a few of the beliefs I truly do
hold stock in:

1. No one can change your life except you - if you don't like it do something
about it. Life is either to short or to long to be miserable.

2. If you ignore your life it will ignore you right back!

How things turn out is entirely up to you. Life doesn't happen to you
YOU happen to life - make it what you want it to be. If its not what
you dreamed it to be make a change - either to get back on the path or
change the dream.

Get out there and make the most out of life - be the best you that you can be!!

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