Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Talk to us Tuesday - Link up

Today is shaping up to be a Kill it - Kill it with FIRE sorta day.. Starting with waking up a half hour late this morning and going from there.  I got my new glam bag last night and was super thrilled to test out its contents - tip of the day, don't try out new products when you are running late. I'm rocking the ":glam fairy emo" smokey eye this morning. 

My new earrings came yesterday as well so I am sporting them.. Love a great deal - I got them on ebay for 47 cents which included shipping! I'm patiently waiting for the rest of my ebay auctions to get here. I am waiting for a few 8 bracelets to show up, a necklace and a ring total for all over it $27 .. 

I finally found a new purse and it arrived over the weekend, hey don't judge, yes it seems like a lot of stuff over the past few weeks, BUT its been over a year since I bought a new purse, and I needed new clothes and accessories to match - none of my old clothes fit .. they are a few sizes to big! WOOT so glad to be able to say that now.

So far since I started with FitCamp (end of July beginning of Aug) I'm down 20 lbs. I did hit goal but I am thinking 5 more lbs need to go and I am working on getting really toned. So far I am just maintaining - which is pretty good for a holiday season.  Right now I am in the middle of the plank/squat challenge which ends Dec 31st.

And now for the pictures 



  1. Cool! I am waiting for my Glam Bag. Now I need to go out to the mailbox!

    1. Girl go get it and let me know what you got!!


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