Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Friday Thank you for FINALLY getting here!!  Its been a crazy week and I am so excited to see you!

Dear Sarpino's thank you for bring me lunch at my office yet again today.

Dear scale please be kind Monday morning.

Dear gym equipment I promise I am coming back, I miss you too.

Dear Kohl's my husband would really like it if you stopped sending me weekly coupons for 20% off  - because of this I come see you every weekend.. Psst I thank you however, my wardrobe seriously needed overhauled.

Dear Hubs, I only want to lose 5 more lbs then the hemorrhaging of the checking account can stop due to new clothes, though I know secretly you are loving your "new" wife.

Dear winter weather, please stay away I am loving the mild temps and am not a cold/snow person anyhow so if you could just skip that this yeah I'd be greatful kthanksbyenow.

Dear weatherman who rather gleefully stated this morning that it looks like rain and snow this weekend - get bent.

Dear followers, thanks for joining me and I hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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