Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stick a Fork in that Week

Seriously the end of August already??? Its Sunday night and I am chilling out watching the VMA's this week flew by. This upcoming week is going to be busy. I have an employee leaving, a new one starting and its a 4 day week for me that ends in vacation.... Hell Yeahs.

Saturday I ran errands I needed some new bras and wanted to grab another pair of black skinny jeans so I headed to JC Penney's.  I had ran in there last week when I was at the mall to exchange primer at Sephora and picked up some awesome skinny jeans by ANA. I now one 5 pairs of black ones which makes getting dressed super simple in the morning. I'm all for that.

I popped into Sephora while I was there as well and am testing out a new foundation by Becca not sure yet what I think but I've only worn it once. When I went in I was wearing a no makeup make up look that all the girls went nuts over. Its become my fave pretty much just all bronzey and glowy. I have no clue what I am going to revert to when fall hits LOL.

Makeup with the new Becca foundation and hair left curly. This was before it was totally dried - it ended up being almost double in size lol.

Sunday we grabbed lil man and headed to the T-Rex cafe. He had a blast.

The Entrance 
                                                                                                     Checking out the fishes

We didn't get a chance to check it all out - he was overwhelmed.  We will take him back to check out the dino dig.  I think we will be skipping lunch there next time. The cafe is out at the legends so there are so many better places to grab a burger right there. We knew going in the food wasn't great but it was expensive. We took lil man just for the experience.

I hope y'all had a great weekend. Here is to next week.. Go kick ass!!! 

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