Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ah Sunday Night - Update on Life

I have a love hate relationship with Sunday night.  While generally some of my favorite shows are on its the end of the weekend. Don't get me wrong I love my job. Seriously love my job, but I generally would love to have another day in my weekend.

Lately my stress levels have been off the charts on a consistent basis and my normal de-stressing coping mechanisms are not making a dent in it. Last time this pattern occurred I ended up in adrenal fatigue. Dropped 50 lbs was constantly exhausted and frankly looked sick as hell. When you're almost 6 feet tall 127 pounds does not look healthy. These days I am generally on the edge of sensory overload. I spent the past week with a migraine that lasted the week.

I have not been to the gym in forever, how do you make yourself go when you are in pain and would rather climb in bed and stay there?? I need to figure out some new techniques for dealing with stress and get this under control I have no desire to get as sick as I did years ago. That took a long time to recover from and left me with a few issues like chronic fatigue which incidentally is what they first thought I had.

I have a girls weekend planned for Labor Day weekend. As much as I hate September I can't help but want it to get here. I am hoping 4 days with girl friends will do a lot to de-stress. At the very least it will be a weekend where I can kick off my shoes let me hair down and the biggest decision I have to make is if I want another shot of Patron or not.

What are your go to de-stress moves? What works for you to balance it all??

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