Friday, August 21, 2015

You Do You Boo

Is it me or is there an over abundance of articles these days that are all about "this trend needs to die" or "you can't wear ___ after age __". I am all for staying updated and not aging yourself by trying to stay to young but shit there comes a time when you just gotta do you.

I clicked on a facebook  article that was all about the trends that people are sick of. Honestly most of it was bullshit like long stiletto nails, leggings, jeggings etc. I realized I don't really give a damn about what I should or shouldn't wear or do anymore. I like my nails long - though squared off. I like my jeggings - which frankly are just skinny jeans, I'm not sporting leggings painted to look like denim they are thick honest to goodness denim. I like my super blonde hair dark nail polish no matter what time of year it is.

Truthfully its just been in the past year that I have started thinking this way. Before that I was always worried about how things looked or what was proper and acceptable. Now I'm like fuck it I like what I like. Who decides what is proper and what is not? If you don't like it don't wear it. That's fine but don't get all up in a twist because the person across from you does.

I'll keep my long dark nails, my blonde blonde hair and my jeggings/skinny jeans. Judge me if you want I don't care. Just keep in mind while you are judging me I'm just looking at your frosted lipstick, acid washed jeans and thinking you go girl do you and toasting with my wine glass.

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