Monday, August 03, 2015

Currently and Updates

Whoops - apparently I needed some time off.  Professionally its just been a busy Summer and frankly that has taken up all my energy.

Slowly I do mean slowly at its been over a year now my back has been healing. I go more and more time between flareups.

My mom, who's getting up there in age - she was 73 her last birthday. Every time I get that call I worry shes done major damage - thus far its just been bumps and bruises.

My daughter is suppose to leave next week for college. Shes obtained family housing for her and my grandbaby.  She will be almost 3 hours away so I am nervous as all hell, but its time she finally gets her ass in gear. She will be 24 in 2 weeks!

I had a few car repairs to do - I got my AC recharged and Friday before last, my muffler got tired of hanging on so it got replaced.

Even not being able to workout I dropped 10 lbs that I had found when I first hurt my back - here's hoping to being able to being able to workout again regularly soon.

After having to wait forever because life kept happening I FINALLY got my 4th tattoo:

It is a path of life tat on my left wrist. Several people have asked what it "means" it is representative pf an infinite number of possibilities and expression of love. It illustrates life's twits, turn, and unexpected winds. One side is is heavier than the other that is referred to as a twisted loop and the fact that there are more than one twists incorporates the cooperation of two or more parties unifying for life. Which can mean marriage, friendship or an alliance.

I have to admit while being in the middle of having this one done, talks were happening planning the next one...

I will attempt to blog more often, August perhaps maybe hit or miss with the whole get the Kiddo off to college.  I have a girls trip planned to St. Louis over Labor Day - after that things should start to even out.

What are your end of summer plans??

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